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To change a restricted driver, you need to disable the setting in the Group Policy Editor, make your changes, then enable the restriction again. Alternatively, if you would like to disable all driver updates, you can also Enable the setting to Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings.However, we recommend only blocking updates for selected drivers, as described above.

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Note that the Local Group Policy Editor is not available to Windows 10 Home users.

For this solution, you need to head into the System portion of the Control Panel. In the Control Panel sidebar, select Advanced system settings.

Should the roll back option not be available, a workaround is to uninstall the driver and replace it with your preferred version.

Before you proceed, obtain the desired driver version from the OEM or a third party supplier.

Briefly, download and run the troubleshooter from Microsoft, on the first screen click Next, then select Hide updates, check the driver/s you would like to hide, click Next again, and you’re done. Select Show hidden updates from the troubleshooter, check the update/s you want to unhide, and click Next.

To stop Windows 10 from automatically updating your drivers, you have several options.

The Windows registry In most cases, fixing our registry will do nothing. Here we'll explore how to identify, isolate and fix registry problems – and when to not bother at all.

A bad or corrupted Windows driver update can ruin your PC experience.

Here, double-click on the setting Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs. button, then for each device, enter its Value, and finally OK all your changes.

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