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It also means you can't use it on most drives used for backup, so no performance boost there.

Architectural changes like a new file system or changes to permissions -- yup, there are changes to SKEL (Secure Kernel Extension Loading) aka Gatekeeper -- may make it difficult or impossible to install some applications in the beginning. So make sure your most prized third-party applications will install before you commit.

(Your currently installed ones should remain installed.) For instance, I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows and that won't be fully compatible until October.

And it will happily tell you that the book you just laid out will cost $120.

The latest version of Safari has some really nice features, implemented in a way I wish other browsers would -- you can set default zoom levels on a per-site basis and quickly get to those per-site settings right from the main menu, for example, and the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (which expires third-party cookies used to track you across the web after 24 hours) is an easy way to take a basic step toward more privacy.

On the other hand, that means no sea-changes to your existing workflows, and some nice quality-of-experience enhancements if you're a big user of those applications.

Performance is virtually identical, at least on an up-to-date Mac Book Pro (13-inch).If you don't already use one of the myriad services available for collaborative editing -- Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft One Drive and so on -- Apple now offers basic file sharing with real-time updates. It also enables the "universal clipboard," which is essentially the same thing but across nearby devices you've got logged into the same account (sort of like Airdrop), but it's hard to tell what's new. But the rest could have easily been slipstreamed into Sierra without fanfare. Apple has made some "enhancements" to its operation. Hell yeah, at least for the few, the proud, the Apple Mail users. However, because the vulnerability is said to affect High Sierra Updating will also get you the latest security fixes (the Keychain exploit above notwithstanding).That said, my standard recommendation is to wait at least a month before updating and let the early birds find the most glaring problems and glitches, which are generally handled by followup point upgrades.As I mentioned earlier, if you plan to take advantage of the extra space savings offered by the new photo and video file formats, you'll have to update to Mac OS to be able to view or edit them on your Mac.

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