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Instead, they’re designed to replace and compete with that lower-end bike computer segment.

That said, for many rides the Edge 25 might actually be that perfect replacement.

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With these new products, Garmin focuses on those areas.

This product is in many ways designed to stem the tide of budget bike GPS computers chewing into what was previously Garmin’s turf.

Today Garmin has rolled out two new bike GPS computers, the Edge 20 and Edge 25.

These products add to what has seemed to be a near monthly (or more) cadence of new products from the company within the fitness realm.

Or basically, just big enough to contain the quarter-turn mount that sits under it.

Both bike computers have much the same basic functionality, which includes:– GPS speed and distance – GPS based recording of route for online access later – Course navigation (with courses created on Garmin Connect) – Two customizable data pages (up to three data fields per page) – Goal based workouts (i.e. longest ride) – 8hr Battery life – IPX7 waterproofing – Weight of 0.9oz (25g) – GLONASS capable GPS – Garmin quarter-turn mount (compatible with 3rd party mounts)It’s the internals that differ though between the two units.That was a budget GPS bike computer that offered basic GPS distance, speed, and route recording.It however lacked ANT sensor connectivity or any way to connect/sync with your cell phone.Despite being rather simplistic, the layout works reasonably well, though I didn’t get to test it yet with heavier winter gloves to see if perhaps the buttons are too close together.The Edge 20/25 both include the ability to get breadcrumb style navigation of courses.As noted, there are two units being announced today.

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