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The teenager struggled to process it all.'I was extremely hurt and confused and I didn't understand why nobody had ever told me,' she explains.'As I grew up, it was hard to maintain relationships with people, to tell them about my past.I was worried it might scare some people away.'Because of what he had done, I was scared people would apply that to me.'I had mixed emotions about it, some good some bad, but it was quite overwhelming.'I found it difficult to get close to people, to form relationships.'It was really only in the past few years that I've been able to accept it and start opening up.'Her anguish is shared by Roberts, 49, who told the world he was Charles Manson's son in 2009.

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A woman who claims she is Charles Manson's daughter has come forward to stake a claim to the serial killer's estate, Daily can reveal.

Rebecca Evans, 48, says she was given up at birth and placed in foster care before making the shock discovery that Manson was her biological father at age 15.

I'm looking for legal representation and want to throw my name in the mix.'Rebecca, who lives in Los Angeles, is friends with another Manson 'heir', Matthew Roberts, a musician from LA who claims he's the cult leader's son.

She is now joining forces with Roberts, supporting his claim for the Manson estate while also lodging her own.

Rebecca was born on June 16, 1969, just two months before the ranch was raided by police in August that year.

Victims of the cult included pregnant star Tate – the wife of film director Roman Polanski.

She began researching her family history through the LA County system and found out she had been taken into care from a place called Spahn Ranch.

Unbeknownst to Rebecca at the time, the rural ranch in the mountains above Chatsworth, California, was the spot where Manson lived with his followers.'I also reached out to my social worker who was able to get me a copy of my original birth certificate,' she recalls.'From there I was able to track down my biological mother, a woman called Andrea Kavakow.'Rebecca said she met with her real mother and the first question she asked was, 'who is my dad? Manson and his cult members stayed on the Spahn Ranch (pictured) in the late 60s after the owner George Spahn, then 80, allowed the group to move in rent free, in exchange for housework and sexual favors from young female members of the cult'When I asked her who my father was, she told me how she had met Charles Manson in the 60s, had started hanging out with him and became one of the members of his group living on the ranch.'Then she said she believed Charles Manson was my father.'I instantly knew the name even as a young girl, everybody did.'I knew he was a killer.

And Roberts also claims to have a signed will sent to him by Manson from prison via a pen pal.

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