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CHAPTER XXVII— KELLOGG TOWNSHIP - - 316 Location — Population — ^Tax Valuations — ^Town of Kellogg — Original Platting — Early Business Enterprises — First Events — Municipal History — Business Factors in 1911 — Postoffice — Fires. Plat — Mayors — Public Improvements' — Postoffice — Business Directory — ^Village of Ira — Business Interests — Post- office. They had no roads, but traveled along tfails along the higher divides. do so, but -others of the church refused to co-operate and withdrew from membership.

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In fact, the new corporation had but little means on which to operate and they had to depend largely on the taxes they hoped to receive from farmers along the line. Sarah Merrill, the eldest daughter above named, edited a college-church paper, giving the lecture and weekly news of the community. This denomination is quite strong in Jasper county, having in 1905 four congregations with a total membership of sixteen hundred. In 1878 the record shows the church to have enjoyed a membership of about one hundred. At Newton the first church of this sect to organize was formfed in 1864 by Elders Nl A. During the winter of 1869-70 occurred a genuine revival, by -which many were added to the church.

Hence they gave time checks and due bills to the workmen who performed service for them in construction. The first church of this denomination to organize within the county was at Lynnville, in 1857. Mc Connell and Allen Hickey, with twenty-six mem- bers. After this protracted meeting the matter of building was taken up and the plans carried forward and the house of worship was completed two years later.

CHAPTER XXI— MOUND PRAIRIE TOWNSHIP 300 Location — Organization— Original Land Entries — Early Settlers — First Events — Village of Mctz — Village of Severs. 306 Situation — Organization — First Entries of Government Land — 'First Religious Service — Elef;tions — ^Valuations — ^Village of Galesburg.

CHAPTER XXII-410CK CREEK TOWNSHIP , 304 Boundaries — Population — First Land Entries — Organization and First Elec- tion — Fatal Accidents — Valuations-^Village of Turner. CHAPTER XXIV— MARIPOSA TOWNSHIP 1 308 Location and Organization — Land Entries — Personal Tax Valuations — En- terprising Spirit. Too much can not well be recordied of the go6d accomplished by Rev. The daughters, Lucy and Sarah, were fine singers, the former having a sweet, strong soprano voice, while her sister had a fine contralto.

Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. CHAPTER XI— NEWSPAPERS OF JASPER COUNTY 143 Potent Influence ol the Pres»— First Newspaper in Jasper County — Newton Newspapers — ^The Express — ^Thc Journal-^Jaspcr County Independent^^Free Press— Newton Herald — Newton Daily News — Newton Record — Lynnville Star— Baxter New Em— Colfnx Tritmne— Colfax Gfpfer— Prairfe City News •^Monroe Mtnror«-«Krik)gf fintcfpdtc.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. CHAPTER XII— RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF THE COUNTY 152 Religions Convicttons of th« Pioi M€rt-*Fir»l Rt Ugioiis Service in the Cotmty — Present Denominations aa4 JA^mh^Mpw m th€ Coitiityra»4 Army of the Repitb Kc. Howard Street chapel was erected in 1891, and dedicated January 10, 1892.

CHAPTER XXV— MALAKA TOWNSHIP 309 Largest Township in the County — Boundaries — Organization — Populatibn — Land Entries — A Prairie Township — Tax Valuations. Those days ther^ were no hymn books and the minister I'ead the lines, after which all the congregation joined in sing- ing the same.

CHAPTER XXVI— DES MOINES TOWNSHIP 310 Area — Natural Featur^sr-Population — Organization — Land Entries — Elec- tions — ^Tax Valuations — Towns and Villages — Prairie City — A Desirable Lo- cation — Incorporation — Mayors — Local Improvements — Postoffice History — Business Directory — Vandalia Village. 321 Boundaries — Natural Features^Organization-^Tax Valuations— A Terrible Accident — ^Town of Baxter — Original . The people camie from many miles around on horseback on foot and with big lurriber wagons.

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