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The Configuration Manager (CM) Client application is software installed on computers to allow SCCM to deliver services to our users.

The timeline for installation of the Configuration Manager is as follows - Administrative Services, Institutional Advancement, Student Services, and Learning Support by the end of Summer ’17 and academic departments by the end of Fall ’17.1) When you click on the Software changes are required bubble or on the Software Center icon in the Notification area and you see a dialog like this, you can install or schedule the installation of required software.

Certificates must be trusted by clients of the update server and by the update server itself.

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You can add an update directly from a standalone update file, or you can subscribe to a vendor’s catalog file.

You use the four workspaces of the SCUP console to accomplish these tasks. The Catalogs workspace enables you to add catalogs to SCUP.

Update Server options, shown in Figure 3-1, enable you to configure whether Updates Publisher 2011 publishes software updates to a WSUS update server and whether the update server is local or remote and to specify the certificate that Updates Publisher 2011 uses to publish software updates.

All software updates must be digitally signed when they are published.

For example, if your organization has created software that is deployed to a large number of client computers, and that software requires software updates to be deployed, you can use SCUP to import those updates so that you can use Configuration Manager to deploy them.

The dependencies for SCUP are governed by the operating system platform you use to host it.

When you obtain a signing certificate for Updates Publisher 2011 from a CA, ensure that it has the following properties: If you use a self-signed certificate, export the self-signed certificate from the server that hosts SCUP by using the certificates snap-in of the Microsoft Management console.

You then import the certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store.

You can also view the certificate of trusted publishers.

You automatically add a publisher to the list of trusted publishers when you import a catalog into SCUP and when you publish a software update.

This digital signature enables clients to verify the integrity of the updates.

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