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The Sensor is compelled to see, touch, taste, smell and feel all that moves, wafts, tingles, tinkles, scintillates, vibrates or resonates.Some ESTPs are keenly discriminating; only those elements of singular quality and experience will suffice. If baseness can elicit shock from more squeamish observers, so much the better.

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When repression and stress empower the Shadow, it likely finds expression through intuition in stereotypic perceptions of groups and individuals whom it perceives and hostile or hurtful.

Jacob (Esau's brother) Mae West Ernest Hemingway Lucille Ball Roy Rogers Doris Day Chuck Yeager "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias, female athlete and multiple U. Olympic Gold Medalist Jack Nicholson Eddie Murphy Jimmy Conners Madonna Cybil Shepherd Bruce Willis Natalie Cole Michael J.

Even a consummate Sensor needs to decide which hand to grasp the gusto with; Introverted Thinking is her preferred yardstick.

Introverted, and auxiliary to Sensing, the T function maintains a low profile, keeps its opinions mainly to itself, and readily yields to allow Sensing to savor a special moment.

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Like the other SPs, ESTPs get great satisfaction from acting on their impulses.

The ESTP preference for mental, physical and emotional toughness surely can be traced to this detached, rational function.

Though only a minor character, Feeling plays an important role in a favorite pastime of ESTPs.

This is not to say that ESTPs don't care deeply for others, yet Feeling is such a ready hand-puppet, expedient in disarming the "victim" and exposing the jugular.

Sincere Feeling is tertiary and thus relatively simplistic in this type.

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