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:)) Ideally we could say something like “fetch completely folder named XXX from region URL”, right?

Or “replace with contents of region URL [merging]” or “merge inventory from on region URL”. @Serendipity – You might want to check out the work that Zonja has done with OAR manipulation ( which might address some of your thoughts.

opensim standalone map updating-78

As we are transporting a whole region, Open Sim archives also contain terrain information.

Here is a very simple example archive, a screenshot from which can be seen below So how would you load this archive?

By the way, I would rename this file now, to the name of your region, you might want to put its location into the filename too, so you can see at a glance. Copy this file, and paste 3 copies of it into the same folder. To get UUIDS go here, a UUID will be waiting for you, copy and paste it into Notepad.

Refresh the web page, and another UUID will be given, copy/paste this into Notepad too, do this once more, and you will have the extra 3 UUIDs you need.

If you want to open a Mantis to keep track of this problem please feel free – or of course a code patch to fix things is always very welcome as well 🙂 Hi Justin, I made a video to show some opensimulator 0.6 functions. Thank you youtube 😉 Justin – I’ve searched a way back and can’t locate a reference, so I’ll ask here – is anyone updating the OAR info to reference the new command format “load oar” “save oar” without the hyphens?

That was driving me batty for a week until I finally woke up and typed “help”.So I see the problem primarily as one of destructively or additively with merging persisting a collection of objects and their relationships and loading this collection.In principle it would seem that any closure over a set of objects and relationships should be workable.But unfortunately I cannot get this to work this way. so it’s a matter of time until the textures fail to be uploaded.Sometimes I get 2-3 textures to upload until Open Sim notices that it’s importing an incomplete OAR and stops. I guess I have to look into the code doing this 🙂 @Green.For some wierd reason I thought that I had originally made that picture (from, but I see from the wiki history that you did it 🙂 Thanks very much for that.

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