Online dating portraits

Trust me, you deserve better than that photo of you from your friend's wedding that you cropped your ex out of, or that selfie in the bathroom.You want to find someone who will love you just the way you are.Your first online dating profile head shot will be the first thing that potential matches will notice about you.

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My job is just to make it look like you’re having the most photogenic day of your life so that future special someone will see the real you and recognize the person they’ve been searching for.

(FYI - two of my male clients were married a year after they had their photos taken by me! Are you a creative professional or small business owner in need of photos for your website, social media accounts, blog features, speaking gigs, or magazine interviews?

Smiles please men most about female photos, and pride seems attractive to women looking at men.

The bottom line is not to hide, but display with confidence your most pleasing features. An exception might be the black and white photo of Alison at the top.

These bring with them a whole host of opportunity in terms of locations and added interest.

If you love dogs and animals, then why not bring your pet with you?

You could have the shoot near to your home so that you could easily drop them back there and carry on without. If you love the great outdoors, then have your dating photography session in the countryside as it will reflect you better.

Whatever your age, there is someone out there for you.

They will know where and how to place you to highlight your best features and how to bring out those gorgeous and non-forced natural smiles.

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