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There will be a screen recording apps running on their end, which records all your nude performance.

But even having their BFFs with them on webcam doesn’t negate the fact that each of these teens is hopelessly alone in the face of this ghost.

And while the scariest part of the film is the killings themselves and the overall terror Laura enacts, a large part of what makes Unfriended delightfully stressful is how it uses the glitches of familiar apps, websites, and digital interfaces to build discomfort within viewers.

If they don’t oblige, they get killed off, one by one.

Unfriended is an effective traditional slasher flick, albeit one in which the core group never splits up: They’re physically isolated but in constant digital contact.

Unfriended feeds into a lot of natural fears around the Internet: nude pictures being leaked, a hacker trying to make aggressive contact with you, suicide-inducing cyberbullying, etc.

But this is also a movie about watching a computer simply fuck up over and over.

They’ll tag you in unflattering pictures, they send too many messages, and they get touchy when you unfriend or unfollow them for doing so.

But the new teen-horror flick Unfriended proves that the worst kind of Facebook friend, beyond the new moms and racist old high school friends, is probably a revenge-obsessed ghost.

Whether you are affected by this Facebook Blackmail SCAM or not, it is highly important to hide your friends list from public, friends and friends of friends to prevent anyone from downloading your friends list.

Once they got what they want, they will end the video chat and create a fake facebook profile in your name with all the information you have updated in your actual facebook profile with photos and request to your facebook friends as well.

Hell, even memes have the potential to be emotionally damaging in this movie.

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