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On paper, the 40-year-old man who arrived in Dallas in the summer of 2011 was a completely different Christopher Duntsch than the one who was introduced to the public after more than a dozen allegations of severely botched surgeries. He was born in Montana, but his family settled in a suburb east of Memphis where the median household income is about ,000 higher than the rest of the country.

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One surgeon described these as “never events.” They shouldn’t ever happen in someone’s entire career.

And yet they occurred in Duntsch’s operating rooms over a period of just two years. He ran two labs, is listed as one of three inventors on a successful patent, raised millions of dollars in grant funding, and once gave a tour to the governor of Tennessee as he explained the stem cell research occurring at the university.

He was taller than 6 feet, with a stubby nose and neatly cropped hair above bright blue eyes, and he had crafted a strategy that endeared him to patients and to referring physicians: I’m the best, he’d tell them.

He always had a plan, always had a pitch, always had a way to fix you.

This posterior longitudinal ligament is one of the spine’s two major stabilizers. Hoyle stepped in front of Duntsch to block his way.

“We need to talk about this,” Hoyle said, locking eyes with him.

“That’s dangerous—even that attitude is dangerous.” Duntsch relented, allowing Hoyle to move in, stop the bleeding, and clean out the wound. Duntsch placed a surgical cage where the disc was, to widen the opening around the nerve roots and relieve the pressure that was causing Passmore’s pain.

But Hoyle says an X-ray later showed it was positioned too far to the left.

But then he gave Passmore the card of a neurosurgeon named Christopher Duntsch.

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