Mars invades puerto rico blind dating chris pine movie

Do it early enough so that you don't skid into the tree or over the cliff.

Apparently becoming a village elder involves being an expert on meteorites. Having found the mysterious object, still glowing despite several days in the side of a snowy mountain, a small plane equipped with skis is used to land nearby. While the scientists marvel over the ship from another world something big visits the lone Swedish soldier that is guarding the plane.

Is that gibberish he keeps repeating really a language? He has about as much a chance as any generic member of a "Star Trek" landing party.

Landing in Puerto Rico, they shoot down a NASA space capsule manned by an android.

Mars (1998) Mars (1930) Mars and Beyond (1957) Mars and Beyond (2000) Mars Attacks!

Something special, because John is in peak form and that means verbal ramblin' on a massive scale. Carradine spends probably five minutes stringing phrases together and when he finishes we still have no clue what all of it meant.

A young woman (Diane) is woken by a strange sound that fills her bedroom.

The poor man quickly turned into a running joke, with me repeating his lines as if said by Larry from Wizards.

Diane is released from the hospital and travels to Switzerland, her chosen location to practice for the Olympic Games.

A glowing fireball streaks across the sky in Lapland (yes, I know that's north of Switzerland, give me a moment) and scares the backwards inhabitants. Wilson is sent with a team to investigate the meteorite. The scientists interview a number of Lapps about the meteorite, though they have not found the point of impact, and discover that mysterious avalanches have plagued the area since its fall.

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