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But she sleeps with him—and Peggy became pregnant and got a Don Draper-size secret of her own.

I’m curious when each of you figured out that Andrea’s presence in the apartment was a dream.

For me, it was the seduction scene, not just because it seemed far too long had passed for Megan to not be home, but because it seemed so blatantly a fantasy/nightmare come to life.

It’s at once an inverse of the Speck massacre – a dead woman under a bed instead of a live one – a “Wizard of Oz” riff and the realization of Michael Ginsberg’s take on the Cinderella fairytale (which also involved a woman in terror with one shoe off and one shoe on).

And then Megan appears to him for real in the morning, bathed in a heavenly white light, the angel sent to rescue him from his own demons.

I do what I've always done on the show and rely on the people around me.

The actors, the writers, and my wife all liked it, so that’s all I can go on at this point," Weiner said.

That’s not a game “Mad Men” should be playing, and one that I’m assuming it wasn’t.

While Don was having a real nightmare and Sally was cowering in fear in Henry and Betty’s haunted house (a place so creepy that even Paulina complains about the atmosphere), Joan and Peggy were being confronted with more abstract, but no less painful, fears.

“American Horror Story” did a riff on the Speck killings in one of its early episodes, and here “Mad Men” uses the event as a springboard for a series of nightmares, including a very literal one for Don and metaphorical ones for Joan and Peggy.

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