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Some scammers will open several different accounts using the same photos.When this was mentioned to Lava Place staff, users found the scammers' accounts were deleted, but within 24 hours the scammers would return creating a new account.There are more advanced options to perform a search by state, language, religion, etc .

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Lava Place is not like some sites that have some of the best looking people featured on their front pages.

This is also a good indication you might be less likely to connect with fake profiles, although some users have complained about this in the past.

When it comes to emails, Lava Place says they will not sell their members' email addresses to marketers and they do not monitor private messages like other sites. But if you have a complaint, they will investigate.

Members have warned don't agree to share personal email and other information without checking up on your matches.

An international dating service, draws many visitors from Russia, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Sweden, and Kenya.

They also have members from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. There are over 100,000 single men and women, according to Lava Place.

They will put an urgency on communicating with them, but since the site is free, one member said, "Why the rush?

" Another said, he asked a single for social networking details to verify who she was or to talk with her on Skype, he learned that she was nothing more than a scam artist.

There is a good mix of separated, divorced, and single men and women.

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