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For a bunch of Metallica fans, you know very little about your 'favorite' band or their music. Metallica RIPPED IT OFF because it was not copyrighted. NOW Motorhead must say they are doing a Metallica COVER every time they post it somewhere or sing it. When I saw them at the BIG 4 concert at Yankee Stadium 2 years ago they had video of Mariano Rivera throwing heat while they played this song, it was cool, the crowd went nuts.

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Adding “Black Mirror” to his already impressive resume (which also includes “Breaking Bad,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Fargo” Year 2), Plemons takes the captain’s chair for the feature-length episode.

The rest of the cast includes Plemons’ “Fargo” co-star Cristin Milioti (who also starred in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “How I Met Your Mother”), scene-stealing Jimmi Simpson (of “Westworld” and “House of Cards”), and Michaela Coel (familiar to Netflix subscribers as the star and creator of the British comedy “Chewing Gum”).

I believe our wonderful marriage and our nightly ‘golden hour’ chats have helped me survive all things' (pictured in 1978)Alongside the image, which showed the 17-year-old lovingly planting a kiss on the cheek of his smiling grandfather, Dylan wrote: 'Happy birthday 101 years and still sexy love you with all my heart Pappy.' The tribute was one of a number posted on social media by the Spartacus star's decedents, with Dylan's 38-year-old half-brother Cameron Douglas also taking to the photo-sharing app, where he shared a selection of snaps of Kirk spanning decades.'Here’s to 101 years of art, inspiration, and philanthropy...still going strong! #Livinglegend,' wrote the actor, who is expecting the imminent arrival of his daughter with girlfriend Viviane Thibes. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, inspirational and loving father in law, Kirk.

Dylan's mother also paid tribute to her father-in-law on Instagram, sharing a shot of herself hugging the actor as he perched himself on her knee. Love you with all my heart.'According to Deadline's Pete Hammond, Kirk's 73-year-old son Michael flew from New York to California especially to join in the festivities - before jetted back to the East Coast in anticipation of becoming a grandfather via Cameron.

The Hollywood legend looked healthy and happy as he rang in his special day with his 98-year-old wife of 63 years by his side in Los Angeles, with the happy couple posing for photos in matching wheelchairs underneath a stunning 101 floral wreath.

The Spartacus actor donned a navy blue cardigan and black trousers for his birthday as he joined his actress wife, who was clad in a pastel pink ensemble for the special photo.The reason James chose this, is it stars his favorite actor of all-time, Clint Eastwood ;)i remind this song to be about the terms of God and why he sleeps at night with the devil's horns raging behind him.when Jesus talked to god, he didnt say 'i am down the pub for a pint'.Time to boldly go into another one of Charlie Brooker’s mind-bending story worlds — though this one looks awfully familiar.Based on the trailer for “USS Callister,” one of the upcoming installments of Season 4, it’s quite clear that for at least one episode, “Black Mirror” is blasting off into a future reminiscent of “Star Trek.” “USS Callister” doesn’t just appear to be paying tribute to “Star Trek” in general, though — from the sets to the costumes to Jesse Plemons’ very deliberate enunciation, Brooker, co-writer William Bridges and director Toby Haynes (“Doctor Who,” “Sherlock”) seem clearly inspired by the 1960s original series, which has remained iconic for the last 50 years.He continued, 'there is something that you have that no one else ever had...

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