Jewish dating customs texas longview adult dating

It is this aspect of family purity that has set aside the Jewish family from its common culture neighbor.

Whereas to most people who live in the predominant Western culture, sex is a great physical pleasure that is to be enjoyed with as many as possible, in all forms including perversion, in the Jewish family, sex is a special gift for a special time, for uniting man, woman and G-d in the holy act of creation.

Unlike those who seek to enjoy sex, who read girlie magazines, magazines designed to increase the innate animal desires, far different from the vast porno adherents, Jewish sex is not a vehicle for mere personal pleasure.

Family purity is about giving birth to healthy vibrant children who have an inborn desire to be good as opposed to being killers.

The secret of the Jewish family is that it unites not just the husband and the wife in the privacy of their bedrooms, but it draws into their bedroom with their most intimate relationship the holy of holies, G-d.

Their abilities to fathom the secrets of the Torah and the world around them will be different.

The spiritually enhanced child will be capable of understanding the world around him from a higher and loftier advantage than the child who was born from a spiritually defiled relationship.

As opposed to the culture of the street where sexual promiscuity becomes daily tabloid reading matter, the Jewish home radiates warmth, care, tranquility, and trust.

Where as the common Western culture is replete with violence and sexual excesses, the Jewish home shuns that which acts as a cancer for family growth and adhesion, for the family is the essential core of Judaism, it is not a religion of adherents, but the continuation of the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

When a child is conceived, the conception is a conception in holiness.

The child develops in the womb with the blessings of the holy One.

The cycle of her menstrual flow is not just indicative of her chances of conception, but is a constant building and budding of chance for life.

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