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Here’s everything you need to know about her: Ciara Princess Harris, better known as Ciara, broke onto the music scene in 2004 with the release of her debut single, “Goodies.” The song hit No.

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Before Wilson, Ciara was most recently involved with Future, a 31-year-old rapper from Atlanta.

Together, they had a son, Future Zahir Wilburn, who was born on May 19, 2014.

It charted at #1 in US R&B and #3 otherwise in the country.

She was able to sell 2,748,000 copies of the album in U.

Then on Monday Ciara posted an Instagram photo of herself standing on the balcony of a posh Northside Parkway condominium where numerous rappers and pro athletes maintain bachelor pads — including 50 Cent.

Some fans see Ciara and Fiddy’s reunion as proof that the singer and her baby daddy, rapper Future Hendrix, are done.

Wilson has taken quite a liking to baby Future and was memorably spotted playing with him during training camp.

Wilson lets his faceplate slip only once at camp; it’s when Ciara’s tiny son, Future, shows up with his nanny.

I ain’t gonna lie to ya’ll now, I need you to pray for us. One of the things that has defined his career away from the gridiron has been his work with children, and more specifically, the fact he shows up at Seattle Children’s Hospital every Tuesday. Ciarra has always gone for the Gold so to speak,, so Russell better win another super bowl soon or she’ll be on to the next flavor…hez refreshing after her hip hop burned lifestyle…they are just famous ships passing in the night…Russell’s a nice guy but young and naive. It always takes that one negative person to say something lame.

It doesn’t matter if the Seahawks have a bye week or lost the Super Bowl two days earlier. “Sunday is game day for me, but my best day is Tuesday when I visit Seattle Children’s,” he says. He’ll learn…a normal cute nurse should be what he should be striving for if hez smart. Russell & Ciara faith and trust is in God not things of/in this world that is what have made them successful and that is what will keep them successful there priorities are not pleasing the world but pleasing God. If he wants to be a step dad fine..altho it appears he and Ciara, already withholding visits from her babies father hv other plans.

You know you’re a high-profile couple when one of your first dates is at the White House.

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