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A few notes: I’m now focusing full time on an “Alacrity” based guide.

It may very well be not the only way to run this Discipline, but it’s the way I do it, and it’s what I’m going to teach.

Fast Movement - Howard almost always describes Conan's movements in combat as swift.

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There are numerous debates on 3.5, Pathfinder, and 5e builds to capture a true Conan.

There seems to be a debate on how to build an 5e Conan, with some multiclassing, some going pure Barbarian, and others going a Fighter build with a splash of Barbarian.

Hey, Rydarus here, rewriting this guide for another go around.

You’ll notice a lot of information remains the same, but I’ve adjusted a lot of crucial points that I feel I failed to bring up in prior versions of the guide, and solidified my mentality in running the spec.

The remaining abilities are heavily combat mechanics related, so I haven't listed them as "essential" because they relate mostly to the mechanical and not flavorful playing of a Conan character in 5e.

Bonus attacks are important to a melee class, as well as the ability for a Conan character to have a high defense without armor.

Mindless Rage - I've read several builds that criticize the archtype options for a Conan Barbarian build.

Primarily, they seem to think Berserker isn't a great fit for the character.

Utilities can vary, but these are a few recommended basic builds. None of the new 4.0 utilities are useful at all for PVE. Skillful / Masterful / Heroic Traditional Build (Sparky, Malaphar, Sword Squadron, Revanite Commanders, Underlurker SM, Master Blaster, Revan SM, Coratanni SM) Before we begin to learn the rotation of the Vigilance rotation itself, you first have to commit to memory the various “Procs” that generate various outcomes and abilities in Vigilance.

There are 4 Major Procs and Passive Effects in Vigilance and 1 Minor Proc.

The core of any build, particularly this one, has to be Barbarian to capture Howard's intent with the actual character.

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