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Maybe you are afraid of judgment from family or peers, but sexual addiction is something you don’t have to deal with alone. Hey there - we'll be running some maintenance on our site on 5/22/2018 from am PST to am PST.It can be hard to talk about your sex addiction given the secrecy and shame that often surrounds this behavioral health disorder.

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Behavioral health disorders are illnesses that are precipitated or perpetuated by your conscious decisions, the behaviors of which you are unable to resist the urge to repeat, despite negative consequences.

Changing your addictive behaviors directly influences your life, then, by lessening or removing the symptoms of the behavioral addiction.

Read More If you are struggling with a sex addiction, there’s a chance that you may also be dealing with other addictions such as a drug addiction, alcohol dependency, eating disorder, or another behavioral addiction such as gambling or shopping.

In many cases, people who struggle with a sex addiction also have a mental health disorder such as depression that may be fueling their sex addiction.

But if you are facing an addiction to sex, you are not alone.

Research shows that the prevalence of sexual addiction–related disorders ranges from 3% to 6% in the general population.

Sex addiction rehab helplines are incredibly useful resources when you are curious about treatment or are ready to take that step toward recovery.

Behavioral health refers to a person’s state of being and how their behaviors and choices affect their overall health and wellness.

The website is a goldmine of information and answers to dozens of FAQs; highlights are here.

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