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The worst part – he might be finding out about this just like everyone else…right here on!

Warlock's exit lead to rumors of Kanan's possible reprisal of the role, who had recently announced move to recurring status in his role as Deacon Sharpe in the CBS Daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In 1981, Alan has an affair with Susan Moore, which results in his illegitimate son, Jason. graduates from boarding school in June 1983 which reestablishes his birth year as 1974.

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has stopped drinking and is attempting to straighten out his life, but Carly drugs him, hefts him into a laundry cart, dumps him in a back alley behind a bar and pours alcohol all over him. Carly persuades Jason, another of her ex-lovers, to assume paternity of the baby. A few years later, Jason's girlfriend, Robin Scorpio, tells A.

He demands a DNA test and tells Carly he wants custody of the baby if it's his. misunderstands a doctor's explanation about the baby's blood type and mistakenly believes Michael could not be his.

When the trope is used between two people of the same sex, the results may range from hilarity, awkwardness and more rarely disgust, usually in cases of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? Sometimes the woman, rather than being fully nude, is merely wearing something very Stripperific.

Truth in Television, to a degree; most men will agree that ogling a naked woman is hardly unpleasant, but it's bound to be immensely awkward when it's someone you know (and will have to interact with later) socially.

When a character walks in on another character while they're naked, a common reaction is to stare briefly, bluster and turn around, followed by asking (and sometimes demanding) that the naked character... He'll even go so far as to give her his shirt if she has no clothing of her own.

This can even happen if the specific character is generally of low morals, who you'd think would gleefully use the opportunity to closely inspect the ''au naturel'' specimen. Note that this also could be a survival reflex: walking in on a naked Megaton-Punch happy woman is very dangerous. The two younger children, Kristina and Morgan, are rescued by Jason and Sam Mc Call, but Michael is presumed dead. He hires Faith Rosco to kidnap Michael but Faith takes it upon herself to kidnap Sonny's other children as well. After Susan is murdered, Monica legally adopts Jason Quartermaine as her own. takes pleasure in reminding Jason that he is illegitimate. He pays someone to have her beat up to keep quiet about his misdeeds. into proposing marriage so that she can get her hands on the Quartermaine fortune. and Jason happily welcome their new adopted sister, Emily Bowen, to the Quartermaine family. Jason falls into a coma; and when he recovers, no longer remembers anyone. has a drunken one-night stand with Carly Benson, who is involved with Dr. When Carly learns she is pregnant, she is unsure which man is the father, but goes to great lengths to keep A.

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