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So a mile or two of Missouri sticks over into Tennessee.

It was said that the recent high water had invaded it and damaged its looks.

-- from Life on the Mississippi, Volume 1917, Part 1 By Mark Twain p222 first printing 1874.

The bypass canal was 12 miles long across the swampy peninsula north of island 10, likely ending near New Madrid at top of loop. Rail cars were ferried across the river, as many as three at a time.

Point Pleasant, south of New Madrid, was washed down the river by one of the main 1811-12 quakes. Illustration | map | aerial Pic is from picturesque Columbus Belmont park, near Columbus Ky.

Grant moved on in mid-February with some of his troops toward Shiloh, south of Jackson, Tn. Mc Cown, the garrison commander, defended both New Madrid and Island No. The deep-draft gunboats, however, could not be moved by this route. All of this had been accomplished with fewer than a hundred casualties on the Union side.

March, 1862 - South evacuates Columbus, tries to keep hold of the river, farther south at New Madrid. John Pope, commander of the Union Army of the Mississippi, set out from Commerce, Missouri, to attack New Madrid, on February 28. The Confederacy not only experienced these severe losses, but also faced the harsh reality that they had also lost the middle Mississippi River. DNR marker at New Madrid river overlook at Main St. Historical marker about City of New Madrid 12-mile canal was completed about the same time that North's boats were ready to "run" the blockade at Island #10 (bottom of loop).

Overland through swamps, ironclads move by night: Island 10 With the surrender of Forts Henry and Donelson, Tennessee, and the evacuation of Columbus, Kentucky, Gen. Nothing was left of it but an insignificant little tuft, and this was no longer near the Kentucky shore; it was clear over against the opposite shore, a mile away.

In war-times the island had been an important place, for it commanded the situation; and, being heavily fortified, there was no getting by it.

Its blocks of frame houses were still grouped in the same old flat plain, and environed by the same old forests.

It was as tranquil as formerly, and apparently had neither grown nor diminished in size.

It depicts the bombardment of the Confederate fortifications on Island Number Ten by Federal gunboats and mortar boats.

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