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So I hated to miss that one, but I will be sure to try it sometime down the road!

But I vowed to do better this month, and I've started the Barefoot month off right by making Ina's Chicken Piccata, which was chosen by Lindsey of Noodle Nights and Muffin Mornings. It does involve breading chicken, which I rank right up there with making meatballs and squeezing frozen spinach as my most dreaded kitchen tasks.

They remind me of "fish sandwiches," which also makes me laugh, probably because David can do a dead-on impression of the classic line from the old SNL sketch, the Ladies' Man: "Hey sweet thang, can I buy you a fish sandwich?

" and every time he does it, it's as funny to me as the first time I heard it. The same three or four over and over again work for me.

But this is an easy and flavorful dish that I will make again.

I'll just keep in mind next time that this is not a lemon cup custard, in which eggs lie in ambush waiting to suck the life out of any other flavors that dare step onto their turf; it's chicken piccata, and with this chicken piccata, anyway, more is not more when it comes to lemon juice.

The breading assembly line, which included one dish for the flour/salt/pepper mixture, one for the egg/water mixture, and one for the seasoned bread crumbs: After browning the chicken in the skillet, move them to a baking sheet and finish them off in the oven. I often have problems with burning the outside of the chicken when I try to cook it through in the skillet, and this method helped me avoid those problems.

The chicken was delicious on its own, and even my kids liked it.For non-Kapampangans, they become in awe of the marvelous vocals, especially the chorale part, and the innovative concept of injecting in pop culture something considered ethnic or old-fashioned. The footage is courtesy of the Holy Angel University Center for Kapampangan Studies.(You know, pop culture is dominated by only Tagalog and English stuff.)But for Kapampangans, aside from the musical wonder of the piece, the message of the song brings out a certain emotion of pride in one's own roots. I placed the lyrics a la MYX, in K-orthography for beginning Kapampangan readers.As it turns out, that was a mistake -- I should have stuck with 1/3 cup, unless I was also going to increase the amount of butter and white wine proportionally. I think the goal is to achieve a nice balance between the lemon, wine and butter, but the lemon definitely overpowered in my sauce.I served the chicken piccata over angel hair, and we really enjoyed it, although again, it was a little too lemony.While I am an omnivore, I really hate manhandling raw meat.

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