Coping with interracial dating but love azdg dating site

Making an intercultural marriage work takes a lot of dedication and strength.

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“He did not speak Slovenian, and my English wasn’t all that good.

I’d mainly focused on studying business English, and it was sometimes hard to express what I thought or felt.

In today’s globalized world, it has become very simple to meet people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds – and, sometimes, to fall in love.

Inter Nations highlights common issues and different strategies to make your intercultural relationship or international marriage work!

Through her work for a big financial consultant, she met her husband David (40) and decided to stay in Scotland.

“It sounds corny, I know, but in those six years of intercultural marriage, I haven’t just learned a lot about my husband, but also about myself.” It took some time and patience, but after a while Sofia learned to be more aware and considerate of her husband’s culture.The political history also has a big effect on the values and attitudes of people with a certain cultural background.Communication is an essential, albeit difficult, aspect of every relationship.To make your marriage work, one has to explore the partner’s culture and values closely.“Getting to know one another is essential,” Sofia confirms.“For us, this knowledge was what turned our relationship into a lasting and, most importantly, loving one.” In any marriage, you would enquire about your partner’s childhood, their family, and maybe even about prior relationships.

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