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I would like to find some chat mate for chatting by some MSN instead visiting of the sites everyday. I would like most of all to have a "Track option", when you can tick "Track this thread" and then you can get e-mail notification. Everyone who is going to visit this site should find an article about a fear of peas, a fear of barns and a dread of kneecaps.

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Type your decent nick in below chat box and enhance your English writing skills.

Moreover, you can make hundreds of great friends by just being nice and polite to all chatters and moderators.

Yes, I know exactly my troubles, and that's the skills I'd like to improve — especially, in translating etxts to English. Different words, different grammatical constructs to use — you choose the best one at the very last moment.

Well, I don't mean personally you, I mean it's how it happens…Here I do a little trick.

Then visit Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal and judge for yourself.

Canadians are known to be very friendly and welcoming people.

In Russia I have been learning german (or "had been", really i don't know). I'm very interested in any information about learning English abroad. For that it was necessary to send in California some documentation and three essay.

It' another story how I have found onself in Australia I was learning last year in the Uni, when I saw an advertisement about a Google Competitions for the women of engineering professions (I am a programmer).

I would like to suggest a chat room, where we could talk extremly english Let it will full of mistakes text massages, but here we can (C) improve our informal speech. I had learnt english just last year in the Uni (it was an optional class) and I had advanced of it to only begining level. You know, it's a bit difficult to travel in foreign language without an enough english experience. It is the great idea to chat only in the English language! I decided to get participation in that competitions.

I would like also, that in that chat room you write only english, please. It's another matter that there is easier to learn english because english is native language in Australia. But it was necessary to translate my essay from russian into english. Ivan had lived in Australia about 4 years and I thought he helped me to translate essay. He has blasted my plans for after graduated work in Moscow and taken me in Australia Hi! I found this site few weeks ago and it seem to me quite good. There isn't good ice-cream (like russian one) in australian food markets. A G'day greeting is one of the first well-known things about Australia.

Nowadays English language plays a vital role in our society, even if you want to study in University your maximum subjects will be in English.

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