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What if you could swing flies on a skagit head and sink tip in the morning and dead drift dries in the afternoon without going back to the truck for another rod? Switch rods are a wonderful and versatile tool for fly anglers but they can be as vexing as versatile.

In fact, it is their versatility that makes them so confusing.

The rear taper, when the cast is long enough for it to be in play, translates energy from the rod to the belly.

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There are about a dozen ways you can set up and fish that new switch rod.

They range from nymphing for trout to swinging for steelhead and even casting in the surf for stripers.

Think of them as traditional lines that have been cut into sections with scissors.

What their design offers to the Spey caster is instant flexibility on the river.

How your rod will fish starts with the line you choose and it all adds up to make selecting a line for your switch rod the most confusing choice in fly fishing.

I know a lot of guys come to the switch rod from a single-hand casting background.

They are important but their purpose is more intuitive.

There are limitless options and variations for any imaginable fishing situation. Now let’s look at how that compares to a Spey system.

I started researching line choices and experienced option paralysis.

“Holy Hell,” I thought, “How are you ever supposed to choose?

Spey lines are intimidating to the uninitiated with their many parts, options and loop to loop connections but there’s no need for alarm.

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