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Undoubtedly unique and, because the photo tells us so much, it is quite simply the best Mississippi post card we have ever seen in anyone's stock. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in format. Lewin art on postcard, Series 40 [name of series contains a racial epithet which we refuse to print] No.

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$6.00 mbs"'A Joy Ride in Florida'" showing 9 black children drawn to be riding the back of a monstrous long alligator, white-border era postcard from E. $1.50 bk"Entrance to Lodge, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois / 9A-H2166" circa 1939 linen postcard, just a little pencil writing near the stamp box, 2 tiny spots of wear on the bottom edge, otherwise fresh.

$3.75 bnh* "Ben Webster in concert" showing 'the Frog' jazz tenor saxophonist on stage in one of his last appearances, unused circa 1973 continental postcard from Art Unlimited in Amsterdam, printed in Holland, numbered B925 on back, excellent condition.

10551 SAVING SINNERS, SCENE ALONG THE MISSISSIPPI" showing many black people witnessing a baptism by immersion, Phostint postcard from Detroit Photographic, mailed from Slidell Louisiana, corner crease, mild corner wear. $12.00 bdr107 'HUNTING' IN DIXIELAND / 104819" showing 3 black girls, one looking at another's hair outside, white-border era from Asheville Post Card Company, mailed 1931, curling paper, extensive soil along one short edge, lightly toned back, as is. $1.75 bm "BICYCLISTS' GROUP ON MINERVA TERRACE, / YELLOWSTONE PARK, 1896 / PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANK JAY HAYNES" showing a group of 8 black Buffalo soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment who covered 1000 miles in 21 days, led by Second Lieutenant James A. SERRER & SON / World's Best HAZEL SCRAP 5" parked delivery truck (shown left) with an illustration of a black bellboy (detail shown right); approximately 6-1/2-inch by 9-1/2-inch photograph with excellent focus & contrast, paste residue on back. The Harriet Beecher Stowe Residence A 192" sepia-tone postcard mailed there 1909, stamp removed, mild corner rounding, cancel ink at the upper left front.

$1.00 b"1809 - 1865 / Abraham Lincoln // A house divided / against itself / cannot endure / permanently half / slave and half free." with his portrait & quote within an embossed framework of roses; unused postcard, a little toning along the top back edge, otherwise fresh. $3.75 lb "2191 HER FIRST LESSON" art signed HH depicting a black woman trying to roller skate, unused postcard with 1907 copyright published by Ullman, 3 internal creases (1-inch or shorter), lightly toned both sides. COPYRIGHT, 1902, BY DETROIT PHOTOGRAPHIC CO." showing 2 small black children in an ox cart, postcard with undivided back, paper yellowing evenly with age, faint album impressions at the corners, number written neatly in the stamp box may not erase well. Moss (at the top), unused continental post card in excellent condition. Serrer was a Cleveland company a long time in operations, but photos pertaining to it are rare. $35.00 o(c)tbg(s)ti "Coleman Hawkins and Benny Carter" showing them on stage, unused circa 1968 continental postcard from Art Unlimited in Amsterdam, printed in Holland, numbered B990 on back, excellent condition. When living in the Cincinnati area, she authored her best known book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. Moton, Principal, Tuskegee Institute, Ala." black & white with sky tint, made in USA, unused, minor edge wear. Robert Russa Moton, its second president, after whom Moton Field was named. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size 72-dpi scan in format. / GOODWILL HALL / LAKE Mc KAY COMMUNITY CLUB" showing their exteriors at the historically black Piney Woods School in Mississippi, circa 1948, unused linen postcard with an unusual design in which the 3 color illustrations are on the address side, excellent condition.

m(g)bp Black life on the South Barrier Islands of South Carolina. $6.00 os(t)bg "In the Dining Car on The Los Angeles Limited" art including a black waiter, unused postcard but heavy album paste on back obscures some of the printed route information, one upper corner with 2 creases (1 is long), internal crease from the bottom edge, light toning in the front borders. 953 published by International Post Card Company, made in Germany, mailed 1909, date written on front sky, light toning both sides, minor corner wear.

All 5"x7", excellent (EX, due to light printer's gripper marka on back) or near mint (NM, no gripper mark) as indicated, ready to frame. .50 bna"JAMES 'KWAME' CLAY" with an example of his framed art in color, postage paid continental postcard publicizing an exhibition at the Art Consortium's African American Museum in Cincinnati Ohio, near mint.

Unconditionally guaranteed, we will accompany it with a photo certificate explaining how the autograph was obtained. C., Ames, Iowa" showing its exterior, black-and-white postcard with sky tints, mailed there 1914, considerable corner & edge wear. .00circa 1910-1915, edge wear, minor toning at top of back.

.00 bs(b)a "HISTORIC RANKIN HOME / 'Where Eliza Crossed the Ice' / 'The Hill-Top Lantern'--Underground Railway Station--Abolitionist Center / Home of the Reverend John Rankin, Educator and Abolitionist, Ripley, Ohio" postcard made in the USA for Skyland Press in Asheville NC, mailed APR 2 1939 (RPO cancel) to Miss Helen M. An / annual event at the NATIONAL AFRO- / AMERICAN MUSEUM AND CULTURAL / CENTER" showing numerous examples of such dolls, unused continental postcard, copyrighted, near mint. 1919 copyright, pencil writing on back, small corner crease, one corner badly creased, internal crease, light toning both sides, as is. Iowa State's first African-American faculty member worked here at that time; his name was George Washington Carver. The ship was registered in 1899 to the Allison Company. Still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in format. Bryant, 1833, Princeton, Ills." unused litho-chrome postcard published by C. Dunbar & Company, tiny spot on back near stamp box, faint album marks at corners, good edges, light yellowing of back paper due to age.

Heen's article 'Ending Jim Crow Life Insurance Rates' in the 2009 Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy. Shows a high stack of their freshly-milled ('green' is the trade term) and as-yet-unsalable yellow pine lumber, cleverly positioned in a cross-hatched arrangement so as to air it dry & still preserve the straightness of the cuts.

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