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I was in Malaysia when my Grandfather died in 1995. So when I was in Thailand last October and my phone started lighting up with calls from co-workers at one in the morning, I had a bad feeling.I answered a call from one of my senior guys, Falko, and he was very to the point – “Nic has died.” Nic and Falko were close. It’s one thing when you get a call about someone much older, or someone who has been ill a long time, but this was sudden and hit close to home.

We talked about it, but we never did go fishing (or sailing) together. These chances go by so much faster than we think they do.

I got two other catfish that day which have thus far defied identification, so if any of you can figure them out, dinner is on me.

He had to get back to work in the afternoon, and there I was, at the same Marriott I had stayed at for my very first IGFA award in 2010.

It hit me that I hadn’t been fishing with Cris in years – it just always seemed like we would have to schedule it next time. Marta was locked up in some insane work project, so I decided to stick it out for a couple of days and try to catch a few species.

Longtime 1000fish readers may remember Nic as “The Worst Valentine Ever,” and indeed, Nic will forever be my least attractive Valentine’s date.

(We were wrongly identified as a couple in an Outback Steakhouse in Beijing on February 14, 2004.) We worked together for the better part of 20 years; I hired him three different times.

I didn’t sleep much, and the alarm went off when I was staring at it.

I had a day of fishing left in Thailand before I headed home.

As it got dark, I had a crushing bite in the rocks and something broke off a 100# leader.

The only thing that could have done this was an eel.

I had a lot of plans with Nic for “next time.” So the next time I’m in Florida, I am making the time to get out with Cris, dammit. This isn’t as glamorous as it sounds – the weather was unsettled and windy, and the hurricane that had passed through left a lot of damage.

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