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This extensive look into the culture was fascinating.

The author breaks down just what courtship is and isn’t (and where the thought processes that led to the idea come from).

I borrowed this title from an engaged friend, and we both laughed about how certainly wouldn’t be needing it anymore!

I found it to be chock-full of common sense advice.

When I’m in a new phase of life, the first thing I turn to is a good book.

When I was learning how to write, I read books on the craft of writing.

While the Bible doesn’t speak directly to dating, it has a lot to say about purity, guarding your heart and trusting God with your future.

Setting healthy emotional and physical boundaries can be the difference between a : Keeping trusted friends in the loop lets others keep you accountable and gives you a clear-headed perspective from people that aren’t seeing him through rose-colored glasses.Side note: Praying together as a couple early on can seriously escalate a relationship.Spiritual connection intensifies the level of bonding you feel, sometimes even more than physical affection. tells us not to be friends with a man given to anger.When I wanted to be published, I read books about queries and contracts.When I wanted to learn more about relationships, I read every relationship book I could get my hands on. Whether you’re in a new relationship and looking for time-tested advice, or just love reading about how to approach relationships rightly to the glory of God, I present this list of the relationship books I read recently, most of which I highly recommend.Unless you’re moving toward marriage, stick to praying in groups or with another girl.: Between the starry eyes and the butterflies, you may be tempted to ignore some negative character patterns. Does he isolate you from your family and friends and compromise your boundaries or does he protect your reputation? 22:1 says that a good name is even more valuable than money. : Like my mom told me, “There are only so many progressions that a relationship can take.

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